Reversing Moral Decay

Common sense is often undervalued in modern society, but it is from this most basic understanding of the world that L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s Founder, authored The Way to Happiness, as an educational work that provides anyone with an easy-to-follow “road map” for living.


More than 117 million copies of The Way to Happiness booklet, in 114 languages, have been distributed to people of all races, cultures and creeds throughout the world. In the hands of educators, the 21 simple precepts outlined by Mr. Hubbard have become a nonreligious guide to a code of ethics and moral values that help young people understand the importance of living with respect for one’s self and for others.

Coupled with a full-length book on film, a series of 21 public service announcements and lessons, The Way to Happiness has become a much sought-after guide to better living—one that teaches that happiness leads to a safer world through tolerance and understanding.

Its acceptance by educators as a way to teach morality outside of a religious environment has offered to millions of students a path to understanding why being trustworthy, temperate, industrious, loyal to truth—and a role model for others—helps make the world a better place in which to live.

The educational programmes provided by the Church-sponsored The Way to Happiness Foundation, are distributed free of charge to teachers and schools throughout the world, and are also the basis for public service broadcasts to universal audiences to help capture the message of living cooperatively for all ages.

“As an active and contributing organisation within the St. Louis community, The Way to Happiness partnership is reducing crime and restoring pride in our city.”—CHIEF OF POLICE, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI