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Life, liberty, security, freedom from slavery and servitude, freedom from torture and abuse, the right to equal treatment, to education, to citizenship and full participation in the cultural and political lives of nations, are just a few of the inalienable rights of mankind outlined in the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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But the protection of those basic human rights has been a complex and complicated issue in a world where cultural and political ideas conflict with those rights.

The Church of Scientology’s support for the advancement and protection of human rights has been strengthened by its creation of two potent nonprofit organisations—United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights—which have published and distributed more than 60 million educational documents to inform people about their rights. Materials speak directly to young people in age-appropriate language to create a catalyst for student awareness, and for activism.

Where there exists a lack of understanding about our rights as human beings, the support of the Church and its partners from religious and secular rights organisations has provided educators, students and human rights activists with tools to sow the seeds of a deeper understanding of the importance of those rights—and encourage citizens to demand their recognition.

Through the National Affairs Office of Ireland, plans are underway to bring a similar message of respect and understanding to schools, teachers, government organisations and churches, to establish human rights educational initiatives, and to support the commitment of the Irish to the protection of human dignity for all people.

“Your educational campaign delivers a clear and impactful presentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You have expertly created audiovisual properties that bring this document to life and in a simplicity that means that anyone can learn their rights.”—MINNESOTA STATE SENATOR, USA