Saving Lives From Addiction

In the fight to prevent the spread of drug abuse through education and assistance to those at risk, the battle is sometimes lost, but the war against drug addiction goes on. One of the weapons in that war has been the establishment of Narconon, a Church-sponsored drug rehabilitation programme that helps addicts escape the dangerous cycles of drug abuse.


There are Narconon centres located throughout Europe, in the UK, and in numerous locations in the US, where they have delivered help for 50 years to those afflicted by addiction.

Unlike most rehabilitation programmes, Narconon utilises drug withdrawal techniques that focus on an intense detoxification process rather than other drugs, breaking the addiction cycle by eliminating the drug-related toxins within the body.

Original research by L. Ron Hubbard—supported by medical professionals from Narconon International Science Advisory Board—this detoxification relieves cravings that addicts feel, an essential part of reversing their dependency and paving the way for a return to productive lives.

In addition to detoxification, the Narconon programme utilises Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries and procedures that enable an individual to extrovert their attention onto the world around them, greatly increasing their alertness, awareness and survival potential. The programme further involves life skills courses imparting practical tools a former addict can use to overcome problems in everyday living and stay drug-free for life.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organisation for the work you have done… because of the hard-working Narconon programme, the current ideal of a drug-free society may one day become a reality.”—UNITED STATES SENATOR