Creating a

As the Church of Scientology’s National Affairs Office of Ireland develops its campaigns to encourage compassionate solutions to issues facing humanity, there is no effort more important—or more challenging—than addressing the global epidemic of drug abuse. The scourge of drugs has devastated families in every culture of the world, leaving pain and suffering not only among millions of drug addicts, but among the hundreds of millions whose lives are adversely affected by the addictions of others.


The Church’s decades-long fight to alleviate the human misery and economic consequences associated with drug abuse has led to one of the most successful, privately-funded and promoted anti-drug crusades in the world—one focused on prevention of drug use. These secular efforts towards a drug-free world have been built from the ground up to partner with police, educators and governments to bring “The Truth About Drugs” to those facing temptation.

Ireland’s own struggles with street and prescription drug abuse are as significant as those anywhere across the globe; news stories from the island’s population centres frequently recount the horrors of overdoses and deaths, heroin needles littering community streets and the insidious destruction of productive lives. All are symptoms of this plague.

The Church of Scientology, through its Foundation for a Drug-Free World, has created effective ways to address drug prevention through education that are endorsed by police agencies like the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

At the National Affairs Office of Ireland we look forward to working together with all groups and individuals who share the goal of a drug-free Ireland.

“The Foundation for a Drug-Free World has played a vital role in the success of DEA’s demand reduction and community outreach programme.”—Special Agent In-Charge Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Department Of Justice