NOVEMBER 17, 2013

It was the most monumental weekend in our history.

The largest gathering of Scientologists ever assembled.

Three epic events: an unprecedented seven hours of groundbreaking briefings from Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center.

Such was the arrival of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II: the Processing side of the Bridge, the Training side of the Bridge—100 % Standard Tech Guaranteed—Done!


The launch of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II is the historic sum of milestone accomplishments in itself: The largest training programme ever in our history, from start to finish. The biggest and most important executive conference in our history. The greatest production of technical and administrative materials in our history. All in a space of six months. And all in one epic countdown to the most unprecedented chapter the world of Scientology has ever known. 

The Golden Age of Tech Phase II followed on the heels of the Golden Age of Knowledge—an evolution that involved nothing less than the full audio restoration of all 3,000 LRH lectures and the recovery of the complete, day-by-day path of his discovery and development.

Altogether, our Golden Age encompasses everything—the entire Bridge to Clear. Done!

Finally, there was the crowning accomplishment: the grand opening of the transcendent Flag Building—our new spiritual headquarters.

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Read what Scientologists said about the launch of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II:

“Words cannot describe it. Maybe ‘evolutionary’ or ‘revolutionary’ or ‘breathtaking.’ It will be so easy now to get up the Bridge! Training will be effortless!”—A.C.

“It is hard to find words to describe it. Epic. Monumental. Mind-blowing. Exhilarating.”

“It is hard to find words to describe it. Epic. Monumental. Mind-blowing. Exhilarating. It sounds like an exaggeration. This event wasn’t an event. It’s more like a revelation. How do you invite someone to a revelation? How do you email an invitation to a personal epiphany?”—C.L.

“Chairman of the Board RTC has truly honoured and brought to life all of the tools and technology of the greatest friend Man has ever known. L. Ron Hubbard’s dream has come to fruition and the world will never be the same again. We are here. And Scientology has just stepped even more so onto the world stage. Whether you are a Scientologist or brand new these gifts of a new life are for you.”—F.R.

“The standing ovation started and it went on and on and on… a minute, two, three, four, five, six. No matter the acknowledgement, no one would stop. Crying, shouting, whooping and thunderous applause over and over and over.”—U.K.

“COB has DONE it. It’s so right. And the Super Power and Cause Resurgence data—out of this world! Literally! I want to do Super Power and Cause Resurgence—I want to do it all. We are so fortunate in having Chairman of the Board and what he has done for us and for this planet, all the work and the effort and time, and now we have it all. He is an amazing leader.”—G.C.

“This event was brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! The most amazing thing was all of the Outer Org Trainees and their bright and smiling faces. What they are taking back to their orgs is absolutely invaluable. I’ve never seen an audience so charged up in my whole life!”—I.E.

“This was an epic, earth-shattering event!”

“This was an epic, earth-shattering event! We’re going to bring spiritual freedom to this planet. We have the correct technology.”—B.R.

“I am so on FIRE and so pumped and excited after seeing this event. It’s not a refinement of Golden Age of Tech—it changes everything. Chairman of the Board talked about every aspect of the Grade Chart. The tone level in the tent was complete EXHILARATION. It was like a huge celebration everywhere. Never seen anything like it.”—J.M.

“People’s lives
were completely changed tonight.”

“I am totally amazed by the thoroughness taken to do exactly what LRH directed with no deviation. All that COB did is amazing and exactly what LRH said. People’s lives were completely changed tonight.”—D.D.

“Mind blowing! Give me Super Power! Cause Resurgence! I am speechless! The Bridge is fully in place. This is truly a turning point to really clear this planet. Golden Age of Tech Phase II is taking it the whole way.”—T.U.

“Super Power meant the most to me from the event tonight. The amount of detail and the professional way it was presented were mind blowing. I am blown away! It is the most crucial step in Scientology history. With this structure now in place, we are ready for the future.”—F.T.

“What a blessing to this planet COB is! What a true gift! Such a trusted friend LRH has—he is so dedicated, so on purpose to persist and gave such attention to every detail. I kept crying at every ‘Done’ he said. Our future is truly insured. I really want to thank him and every staff member who worked so hard.”—C.C.

“Perfection! Even if perfection is not possible in this universe, he made it into perfection. A new Golden Age is upon us.”—A.J.

“You can feel how close to Source it all is—IT IS 100 % ON SOURCE!”

“You can feel how close to Source it all is—IT IS 100 % ON SOURCE!”—C.U.

“This does not affect just one little thing. But EVERYTHING! It’s like taking the Golden Age of Tech, plus Golden Age of Knowledge and multiplying this by 10 times, and you might then get some concept of what’s going on. I couldn’t even count how many times I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. It was crazy! I was totally flabbergasted.”—K.C.

“This is definitely a turning point for our whole universe. It is so big. This is what this weekend means. Chairman of the Board RTC was magnificent.”—J.M.

“Amazing! The whole thing was awe-inspiring! We are now ready to deliver Super Power! The Supervisors and Word Clearers on stage were absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring. Seeing all those new Flag tech-trained staff was absolutely fabulous. We are going to make auditors and clear the planet. To Chairman of the Board, Thank you sir! He is the best thing that ever happened to our Church!”—M.J.L.

“That event left me totally speechless. I don’t know what to say but the amount that was presented is just unreal. It’s unbelievable!”—Y.T.

“I am really, really happy to be a Scientologist. This is the best time to be in our group. I am so proud to call myself a Scientologist. I have no words to express my gratitude to all that helped to get all of this done, especially Super Power. I can’t wait to do it!”—R.S.

“The Golden Age of Tech Phase II really inaugurates an explosive stage of Scientology growth. It is power-packed and it is so distilled that it is going to release a tremendous wave of liberation on the planet. I am truly in awe of how much work was put into the research of all of the Bridge from the top to the bottom. This is so great and I am very excited for the future—my children and their children. It is impossible to overestimate the impact of Golden Age of Tech Phase II!”—T.W.

“These courses are NEW.
And they are Scientology.
And they are stunning!”

“I still don’t know what to say to sum it up. You have to see these events. No words I can use can describe what I have just witnessed and been a part of. There is so much to take in. You have to understand fully that it is not tweaks and adjustments that have been made. We have never had this tech and these courses before. These courses are NEW. And they are Scientology. And they are stunning!”—L.D.

“The most amazing thing about tonight’s event was the fact that we can move people so fast and efficiently up the Bridge. It is so fantastic! I am so happy to have these new times ahead of us. The release of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II means only one thing: straight up and vertical! For our Ideal Org, and for the future of Scientology. It is a breakthrough beyond belief! We are moving into a new age—a Golden Age.”—V.J.

“We finally have LRH’s Bridge!”—L.V.

“I loved what COB said about the E-Meter being your best friend and that it will never betray you. Who wouldn't want to operate an E-Meter? And then all that we heard about the training lineup from the new Student Hat to New Era Dianetics. I'm going to do it all! It is so purely LRH. Chairman of the Board is a genius beyond genius.”—K.F.

“This is epic! Phenomenal. All the hard work that was done is very inspiring and no one else could have done what COB has done, no one could have confronted it. And now no one can undo this work. Golden Age of Tech Phase II is getting in all 10 points of Keeping Scientology Working. I love COB RTC, I have so much admiration and respect for him. I have been like a little kid waiting for this.”—B.D.

“What I realised from this event is that my daughter will have all of this for her. I cried when I realised that and the fact that now every new person can make it all the way up the Bridge—EVERYONE. That is what impacted me the most. And what can I say about COB—he is the most amazing, exquisite man. You can really see all of the work and can’t imagine all of the stops and barriers that he had to blast through to get this amazing and stunning product. I can’t even put the right words to describe what he has done for all of us!”—J.A.

“The Golden Age of Tech Phase II means everything for the future of Scientology.”

“Everything in tonight’s event and everything COB said changes everything in the world of Scientology. I have really been revitalised. The Golden Age of Tech Phase II means everything for the future of Scientology.”—J.G.

“My son is one of the people that trained on Golden Age of Tech Phase II. Now I know that all the orgs planet-wide will have this technology. Standard Tech will be delivered standardly with Keeping Scientology Working fully in. It’s all laid out as LRH wanted it to be. It is happening now. What this means is that we are ready to deliver to all Scientologists with open arms and the way it’s supposed to be. The way this is laid out makes you really comprehend the magnitude of what is going to happen.”—P.A.

“Every segment of tonight’s event was equally significant, miraculous and indispensable. With this we have the precise speed and Standard Tech and proper gradient with the Golden Age of Tech Phase II.”—J.Y.

“What a monumental, historical event! And with this, it is possible for everybody to experience all of Scientology for themselves. It means everything. The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is going to see that Scientology is used and applied like never before. In essence—tonight is the night where the application of Keeping Scientology Working was put in with a bang!”—U.J.

“The most significant thing about tonight’s event is that Ron’s dream of the tech being in has finally been realised. This event inspired me to go out and disseminate more. With what COB just went over we can now have in the ten points of Keeping Scientology Working and achieve the aims of Scientology for a far better world!”—P.S.

“What this will do! This is really back to what LRH intended. I am trained, and I have to tell you, watching this event just opens up a whole new world—the training aids are incredible and the E-Meter, wow! I could go on and on and on.”—C.F.

“What an event! I have no words. For our org it means everything! We can bring people up the Bridge now with speed and accuracy—it brings total expansion and everything will now go very fast.”—P.J.

“So many things fell into place. It needs to still sink in. The full havingness of what we have. I have such great admiration for COB for all he has done. Everything is done now—this is just brilliant!”—H.E.

“Wow! I’m so blown away. Everything laid out in such full detail, I mean the things that you think about and the things you don’t think about are totally covered in this event! This completely streamlines everything that one does in Scientology.”—K.P.

“Beyond amazing. I loved all the information. It’s so astonishing. I could not believe everything that COB released. I am super excited about the coming of age of our religion.”—E.C.

“I am very excited about the new Student Hat Course. I am so happy about the Word Clearing I am going to receive now. I know the importance of word clearing and the importance of understanding the basic words; this has always been my successful action in life. I know it is key because understanding has everything to do with people moving up the Bridge.”—G.G.

“That was amazing! The training, my gosh, it’s just so easy now! It’s a whole new world! This was very incredible.”—V.D.

“Oh man, that was a fantastic event! So much work went into the release of all of those materials. I loved seeing all of the LRH Policies, all of the Bulletins, all laid out like that on a timeline. It really gives you the reality of what it took to get to where we are now.”—T.L.

“This event was everything COB said it would be and more. It was absolutely mind-blowing and monumental.”—M.F.

“The Student Hat is incredible and all the training, incredible. What it must have taken to put this all together. The tech is really being made accessible for everyone! The E-Meter is just fabulous but the thing that impacted me the most is that now everyone can do it!”—K.F.

“That was incredible! The most exhilarating experience yet in Scientology.”

“That was incredible! The most exhilarating experience yet in Scientology. This is going to create a boom like nothing we have ever seen before.”—A.B.

“This is what I was looking for. With the new Mark Ultra VIII E-Meter, you can see and know what to look for when you are in session. And you can make progress fast. And then, the dissemination films! Amazing! It's basic and simple. This is a whole new world!”—K.F.

“This was just incredible. I cannot believe the spot-on direction to get at all of the data to make sure that every single piece of tech was looked at. Unbelievable. I am really without words to describe what this all means.”—K.S.

“Tonight’s event totally blew my mind! I am so anxious to get started. I am completely speechless! I am in total awe of everything I have seen and heard tonight.”—T.B.

“I really loved the sheer magnificence of this event. The scope of everything is so amazing. I can really see how speed up the Bridge is possible. I’m very excited because this opens up the beginning of the Bridge for new people and makes it real for everyone to move up the Bridge rapidly.”—E.U.

“It was amazing! Absolutely phenomenal! The newly released E-Meter is the best thing, absolutely amazing. I love the Student Hat Dictionary and the data on the Solo Course and the Metering Course. All of this will really change Scientology. I really want to get through all of my training!”—E.M.

“I loved it! The event made me cry! I am on the Objectives so I understand, but WOW! Unbelievable. Survival Rundown is so amazing! And the Purification Programme—the effect on the speed of getting up the Bridge is hard to believe. Really incredible!”—D.I.

“Our hat is off to Chairman of the Board! He deserves a Medal of Honour.”

“This was the best event I’ve ever been to! It was a whole different viewpoint. Our hat is off to Chairman of the Board! He deserves a Medal of Honour. It was just mind-blowing!”—P.R.

“The Student Hat was the most significant to me. I’m a trained Supervisor and Word Clearer. It gives me great confidence in moving up the Bridge. This guarantees the future of Scientology and it gives me the certainty that we are doing exactly what was envisioned by LRH.”—J.M.

“The significance of this is more than words. I really understand why it was conceived and the work that was done by staff members was overwhelming! This really puts the future there. Words can’t really communicate how I feel!”—R.C.

“It was amazing to see how EVERYTHING has been made fully standard. I’m going to fly up the Bridge! This event totally revitalised my purpose and I know now that it can be DONE! This release opens the gate also for new people. I can see that new people can walk onto the Bridge and they WILL go free—and faster than ever!”—A.E.

“Incredible! Monumental! It opens up the Bridge for everyone. I can see that everything was done as LRH wanted. And it can now be delivered as he wanted it to be delivered.”—B.M.

“The event was fascinating! I have no words! I just loved everything about this event! Everything! The amount of work done is incredible—the energy! Everyone can go up the Bridge now and this can be done fast. Everything about this event was just Keeping Scientology Working.”—G.S.

“I just love the new indoctrination packs!”

“I really loved this event and totally didn't expect what was presented. I am so thrilled that now one can do all the lower Bridge in such a short time and with such tremendous wins! And I just love the new indoctrination packs! Now I can get everyone else who is not yet Clear up the Bridge with no barriers. We really have the tech now.”—C.G.

“From watching this event, I KNOW my own life and the lives of others are going to change for the better. Our tech is so streamlined so nothing can stop us. With the entire Bridge and tonnes of trainees now through their training, we are going to implement the tech across the planet and the future looks very bright!”—K.B.

“The briefing at the event has far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect, but this was fantastic. I can see that every aspect of Golden Age of Tech Phase II and how to administer it was thought of. The data on the Happiness Rundown was really great. All the films are stunning! It’s perfect. Fabulous! I was totally blown away!”—D.J.

“Everything is 100 % standard and simple, the way LRH wants it. We can’t have it better than that!”—R.H.

“I can’t pick one thing that is more significant as everything covered in tonight’s event was incredible. Everything is standard and direct. The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is very vital and is a pillar.”—M.S.

“The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is the gate to freedom. It is awesome how everything is 100 % perfect. Every detail is just perfect. This is going to keep Scientology working forever!”—U.M.

“Thank you to Chairman of the Board RTC. Seeing all the work it has required and dedication to put all of that in order. Wow. And put that with the Ideal Orgs and it means serious impact to help this planet.”—C.J.

“I feel that there is a
whole new world
for our religion
opening up.”

“Now I feel that there is a whole new world for our religion opening up. The different aspects that the Chairman of the Board presented really make the road wide open for everyone.”—G.L.

“Sensational! It is significant. We now have what LRH always intended. I am inspired! I think we are in for the biggest boom possible. I do not have words to thank COB RTC for what has been done. I am speechless and very grateful.”—S.Y.

“This night? No words. But if I had to have some: Freedom has arrived! Where’s the emoticon for ‘completely and unbelievably out of my head?’ We need one of those right about now.”—U.K.

“The event was MAJOR! It’s MEGA. I loved ALL of it. I am totally blown away. It has taken the stops off everything. This really opens the Bridge.”—J.P.

“I don’t think I’ve been to an event of this significance before. This is THE BRIDGE. This is a new start. Let’s go!”

“This event was awesome, it was really awesome! I don’t think I’ve been to an event of this significance before. This is THE BRIDGE. This is a new start. Let’s go! Let’s do it!”—J.D.

“This is truly the biggest buzz that I have ever heard in Scientology since the release of New OT VIII—and the talk and excitement on this is 100X. WOW!”—J.S.

“With what I’ve seen, it means the future of Scientology and there will be expansion like never before. COB announcing ‘DONE,’ ‘DONE,’ ‘DONE,’ one after the other—that’s certainty.”—K.J.

“I am so impressed. I have an inner feeling of happiness. The event made it so clear that everything is exactly as Ron intended it to be and I have a certainty that it will be there forever and it will never be changed.”—A.H.

“I really admire all the work that has been done. Everything was taken into account, every little thing! Mr. David Miscavige has given us everything we have been waiting for and dreaming about. I am so filled with emotion! Hurray.”—G.R.

“I am so amazed! I am so impressed by the scale of what has been done, the quality of it, the orders of magnitude! This is so global. Now we have fully prepared and organised materials to deliver services. We just need to move up the Bridge and this is the biggest adventure I have experienced.”—L.S.

“It is a new era, a new world.”

“It is a new era, a new world. I feel like doing everything at once.”—N.W.