Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

The Answers to Life’s Questions—Brought to Life

The book, Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, is the recommended first step into understanding the basic theory and principles of Scientology. This film explores each chapter, enhancing every aspect of the book as a visual concept. The concepts in each chapter are highlighted in these previews. Enjoy your exciting journey into you.

The Cycle-of-Action, revealing what underlies the continuous cycle of creation, survival and destruction—a cycle that seems inevitable in life, but which is only an apparency

The Conditions-of-Existence that comprise all life and livingness—and by which one can truly Be

The Eight Dynamics upon which all life is compartmented and by which one can resolve the puzzle of their own existence

The Affinity, Reality and Communication Triangle, revealing and explaining the underlying principles of true human relations

The Reason Why, answering the questions of “what it’s all about” and giving the very elements of survival, happiness and life itself

The Parts of Man, the comprehensive explanation of Spirit, Mind and Body, their anatomy and interrelationship in every being