Applied Scholastics What Students and Parents Say


L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology, as provided by Applied Scholastics, has brought hope and true learning to more than 32 million students worldwide.

What that means to the daily life of students, parents and their teachers is best described by those individuals themselves.


This really works

Trained with the Applied Scholastics Study Technology, I now have a method of learning which can be used by all students and adults who wish to get something truly meaningful from study. Now I am using the techniques in my classroom and the retention rate of vocabulary and basic sight words is tremendous. My students are the proof that this really works.

—L.C. Elementary school teacher 


Great success

To me, the greatest success of this curriculum is when an at-risk student who tried hard and failed uses it and achieves great success.
—P.Q. Middle school teacher

Students who can apply what they have learned

As a teacher of English as a Second Language in a large inner-city high school, I have successfully used the Hubbard Study Technology to help my students become more able and acquire a greater understanding of the lessons they are taught. Other teachers and administrators in my school have noticed the change and improvement in my students' test scores and speaking ability, as well as the atmosphere in my classroom. Their praise has validated my application of Mr. Hubbard's Study Technology and its goals: that being a good teacher produces students who can apply what they have learned.
—L.K. High school teacher

Learning can be fun

As a former student of the 'old school’, having this form of learning how to learn taught to me was great. I remembered many of my own days in studying and at the end of the day not remembering or understanding any more than I did before. I can see how learning could have been more fun and productive.

Now through this course I have learned the barriers and how to deal with them. With this new knowledge I can teach and help others. Learning can be fun and you can learn about anything you want to learn about!
—Tutor, Boys & Girls Club

My students learn quickly

Using L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology in my teaching produces amazing results. My students learn quickly and retain instead of memorize.

I have used the Hubbard Study Technology for two quarters and have met with tremendous success. The school administration was so impressed with the results that they have given me three months leave of absence and funding to get more training in the technology developed by Mr. Hubbard.
—C.K. Technology institute professor

New precise technology

The basic premise of the Hubbard Study Technology is that if a student is succeeding you let him or her get on with it, but that if the student is in trouble (as more and more students today are) there is a new precise technology for solving that difficulty. This is a new look. L. Ron Hubbard has been bold enough to assert that for any learning problem there is a workable solution. Thousands of people trained in his Study Technology know this is true and feel they now have in their hands the missing tool necessary for both comprehension and the ability to apply in any chosen field of study.
—B. F. Associate Professor of English

To real-life usage

Study Technology quickly moves students from abstract theory to real-life usage. The information confirms what educators know to be the best way of learning and teaching. Many educators have told me that they wished they had had this information from the beginning of their teacher training.
—G.G. PhD

Opened up my eyes

When I first entered education, I didn’t have the tools of Study Technology. I used to wonder why my students wouldn’t listen or didn’t seem to have the ability to concentrate. Sometimes they just couldn’t grasp things, no matter how much I explained it. Then I discovered Study Technology and the effects of the misunderstood word and it opened up my eyes. I could see the answer to all the problems of my class. I introduced it to them and their whole attitude changed. They became happy and eager students. They didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.                                                  
—S.G. School teacher

The most powerful educational tool

In my 14 years of teaching, the most powerful educational tool that I have come across has been the Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

The success of the Study Technology with math workshops led me to working for the last five years with this district, training experienced teachers and new teachers how to implement the tools and methods offered by Applied Scholastics.

Because of the test score data, the district has promoted the district wide implementation of several Applied Scholastics tools.
—C.K. Professor of Education

Workplace Development

Study Technology made this possible

I am the founder of a technology company that grew from two employees to 1,200 in just over three years.

I never attended college and I attribute much of my success to my education at the Delphian School in Oregon, which trains its students in the use of L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology. This technology allows you to get the most out of any subject. Knowing it, I was able to accomplish my post-high school education on my own.

Being able to thoroughly understand any subject you tackle is an invaluable skill and L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology made this possible for me.
—S.D. Founder, Multinational Internet service provider

Methods invaluable in a situation

In the aerospace industry we have to stay abreast of new scientific discoveries and ever-improving technology. The study methods of L. Ron Hubbard enable me to comprehend the new concepts so that I can efficiently apply them to my job.

I find these methods invaluable in a situation of continuing discovery and learning such as mine.
—Z.S. Mathematician, aerospace lab


Dropout rates are much lower

As a result of Study Technology the retention and application of performance objectives in our training center are raised. Dropout rates are much lower than the average for vocational schools.
—R.D. Recording institute


Instrumental in our success

All of our executives and staff apply Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and this fact has been very instrumental in our success. This technology is fundamental not only to our high technology business but any activity where individuals must learn skills in order to survive — in other words, life.
—L.B. Vice president, software company


Nothing in the training field that comes close

Executives need learning and communication skills that apply directly to the workplace. There is nothing in the training field that comes close to the effectiveness of L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology.”
—I.G. Executive Director National Training

Proved very valuable

We have made extensive use of L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology course. We have found that it improves comprehension of training material and understanding of on-the-job instructions and, as such, improves and facilitates the training process. In addition, it has improved interpersonal communications, particularly between employees of different races. On the whole, this course has proved very valuable in our efforts to enhance productivity.
—J.M. Public Relations Director

Supervision is now 70 percent less

It used to take 26 weeks to train someone to operate a machine. It now takes 6 to 12 weeks. Instructors used to have to be by the trainee's side almost the whole time. The supervision is now 70 percent less. But more importantly, the trainees are making fewer errors. Their morale is up because their frustration is less. Even the staff turnover has declined. Study Technology is the only way we will train employees from now on.
— B.G. Industrial training manager


Excited about studying

School had been very difficult for me and I was just barely making a passing grade. I was always upset and frustrated. Then I did an Applied Scholastics course called Study Skills for Life. I never had so much drive and I had never been so excited about studying. After doing that course and applying Study Technology, I enjoyed studying everything. I then did the Basic Study Manual course and I moved faster than ever on my studies. Study Technology has given me the tools to make my dreams become reality.
— Y.A. High school student

It was like a miracle

A 16-year-old girl had dropped out of school in the 10th grade, frustrated by her failure to learn the fundamentals of reading and spelling. After receiving tutoring at her local center:

It was like a miracle. After one and a half months, I learned to read and spell. Yes, I am actually able to read whole books now. Since this, I started to have much more self-confidence and I now have the courage to attend evening school all on my own.
—G.F. High school student


I have been getting straight A's ever since

The Study Technology and the abilities that I have gained from the courses that I have done are unbelievable. I took the Grammar and Communication course in grade 10 and I have been getting straight A’s ever since. Not only have the courses helped my education, but I raised my self-esteem and confidence tremendously.
—E.F. High school student

I feel confident whenever I study something

When I graduated from college I felt very unconfident with my degree. It seemed like I had studied a whole bunch of information, but no one told me how to USE the information in the real world. When I found out about Study Technology, I discovered WHY I always put off studying, why I hated it and why I was always tired and sleepy the night before an exam. I found out why I felt stupid and could only remember information from the courses I had studied for about one semester!

Now that I know Study Technology, I feel confident whenever I study something, and I don’t put off study. I don’t fall asleep or find something more interesting to do instead of study. Better yet, I know WHY I am studying, I can relate what I am using to the world I am working in, and I KNOW and can use what I study to help me achieve my goals in life!
—B.G. Adult student 


I was studying sociology in college. I knew that sociology had something to do with society, but the word was never defined at any time in the course. Consequently, I never had a full understanding of what the subject entailed and my ideas were limited.  I went to classes and I read books.  I skipped classes to do sports. My grades were all right as I had certain things memorized. After several years of studying, I graduated. Afterward I never used the subject or remembered much of anything about it.

Some years later when learning about Study Technology, I got a definition of sociology. I found out it meant the study of the development, structure and functioning of society. Wow! I realized I had wasted my time at college as I was trying to study something without really knowing what it was I was studying. It explained to me why I then chose to do something else as a career.
— D.O. College student   

I was able to understand a textbook

Several years ago I started studying celestial navigation (finding one’s way by observing the sun, moon and stars) and found the subject to be daunting to say the least. I experienced a variety of unpleasant physical sensations, including a dull ache which quickly developed into pervasive unconsciousness. I could hardly stay awake for more than 30 seconds at a time. Using Study Technology methods I learned, I got down to brass tacks of the subject by clarifying my understanding of the KEY words. I found that in several cases, words I believed I understood, I had, in fact, invented definitions for which were entirely incorrect. By learning the proper meaning of these words, I found that my tiredness quickly disappeared and I was able to understand a textbook which I had not even been able to look at hours before.              
—J.B. Adult student



I am thrilled to say that I have learned the barriers to learning. I never knew them! Now I have a much better understanding of the bland and bored expressions I've seen on my children's faces while studying. Most importantly, I've learned not to waste time trying to explain the present problem but to go back and find the point at which they became confused. Eureka!
—D.B. Parent

Puts the student in charge of their studies

My son went from hating school, sloppy penmanship, not doing homework or reading, to being excited about school, taking pride in his writing and actually reading outside school hours! Study Technology really does work and puts the student in charge of their studies.
— W.F. Parent

Needless to say, we are very pleased

My son told me, 'It's nice to learn what they're teaching me.' He also said that it made him feel so good about himself. Then he began conversing enthusiastically on how to use a semicolon in a sentence! These are pretty terrific results for his first week. Needless to say, we are very pleased.
—M.J. Parent